calleedog (calleedog) wrote,

Christmas Cards

Soooo, it's that time of the year again! Yes, I'll be sending them out again this year, just like I have for years, now. If you'd like one, please feel free to comment on this post (all replies will be screened for your security), e-mail me (, send me a private message on LJ, or even just IM me with your address. If you do not have my current address, and would like it, you may also make a request for that as well. ^^ I'm giving until December 10th for replies- I'll be going out to buy cards the weekend of the 11th, more-than-likely, so I can mail everything out and you'll all have your cards on time for Christmas. *Wags*

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! I just spent it stuffing food into my fat muzzle. Mmmm, pumpkin piieeee....

Bark! ^^
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Pumpkin pie sounds really lovely. Do enjoy! :3
Oh, it was! Quite lovely! ^^ *Wags at that* Shall I mail some over to you? It may still be... semi-edible, when it arrives....
You are most un-generous. That would be disgusting to say the least. Your offer to your friend ish poison, it is!

Yet your icon disarms me. I cannot but smile. Darned cute puppy face!
But pumpkin pie is le tasty! *Wags absently* Even if you technically shouldn't taste it! ^^

*Smirks* And yes... it's one of the very few weapons I have at my disposal.
I'm behind, but I responded in the now disappeared journal entry on your FA account. Anyway, I think I might have your correct address, but if I fail to get a card to you, that's probably why. Has it changed in the past many years? I lost it when my computer went boom so I'm relying on old information, 5 years old at least.
Ah yes, sorry about that... I deleted that journal, since it was really just me complaining about AVG, and I figured it would be better to keep the journal with "updates" on the main page, for now. But I do have a card ready to be mailed out to you (sending it out today, actually). If the address of mine that you have is in Findlay, OH /or/ is a PO Box, then either should get to me just fine. I'm assuming you have the former, which is fine, so that you don't have to trouble yourself. Though if you'd like the PO Box, do let me know. It's the main address I use for such things, anymore. *Woofles*
I have one in Grand Rapids and one in Custar as well. The Findlay address seems to be the oldest I have from you. If it'll work though, that's where it'll get sent to. Unless you'd rather I sent it to the PO Box.
Ah, yes... The Grand Rapids address has been obsolete for at least 6 years, now, and the Custar address is my mother's... and while I could still technically get the mail from there, I'd rather not. *Wags absently* So the Findlay address will be fine. ^^ Easier on the snow leo-pard.