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Sunday, November 28th, 2010
5:13 pm - Christmas Cards
Soooo, it's that time of the year again! Yes, I'll be sending them out again this year, just like I have for years, now. If you'd like one, please feel free to comment on this post (all replies will be screened for your security), e-mail me (callee_mcborder@yahoo.com), send me a private message on LJ, or even just IM me with your address. If you do not have my current address, and would like it, you may also make a request for that as well. ^^ I'm giving until December 10th for replies- I'll be going out to buy cards the weekend of the 11th, more-than-likely, so I can mail everything out and you'll all have your cards on time for Christmas. *Wags*

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! I just spent it stuffing food into my fat muzzle. Mmmm, pumpkin piieeee....

Bark! ^^

current mood: calm

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Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
5:12 pm - The (Depressing) List Grows
Well, let's just keep adding to this, why don't we...

1. Steve Irwin
2. Rodney Dangerfield
3. Richard Jeni
4. George Carlin
5. Dom DeLuise

This list is welcome to stop growing anytime, now....

As a random and unrelated notation: bowling tonight. ^^

current mood: aggravated

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Friday, May 1st, 2009
8:40 pm - Welcome to the New Journal. ^^
After years with the old journal, and after much debate with myself over the matter, I decided that a change of journals (or rather, names) was finally in order. There are various reasons for my doing so, and nearly all of them are trivial, but I think the time has come for it to be taken care of. This journal will be primarily friends-only, and if you're on my friend's list already, then that means you've migrated over from my dunder account. ^^

Thank you all very much for trailing along after the dog. I can only hope I'll make it worth your while, in time....

current mood: horny

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